the power and the glory

you know, normally i really dont like reading my summer reading books, but this quote was just sooo good! i was so surprised when i read it-i was like, whoa….it’s all worthwhile! but anyway…so i now proudly present…*drumroll*

The Power and the Glory excerpt

by Graham Greene

It isn’t a case of miracles not happening–it’s just a case of people calling them something else. Can’t you see the doctors round the dead man? He isn’t breathing any more, his pulse has stopped, his heart’s not beating: he’s dead. Then somebody gives him back his life, and they all–what’s the expression?–reserve their opinion. They won’t say it’s a miracle, because that’s a word they don’t like. Then it happens again and again perhaps–because God’s about on earth–and they say: there aren’t miracles, it is simply that we have enlarged our conception of what life is. Now we know you can be alive without pulse, breath, heart-beats. And they invent a new word to describe that state of life, and they say science has again disproved a miracle.”


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