yum! so tonight, we had this like HUGE reunion thingy for all the school peeps! YAY! there was me, anna, annie, chow, weissberg, bizzy, betty!, katrina, lisa, catarine (?), seema, finn, dara, madeline, janine, and caitlin! crazy good times–PF changs…china bistro…high class high QUALITY good dang chinese/asian food. mmm….we just got to talk and chill and hang out…it was cool. i hadn’t seen betty in ages and it was so exciting to see her again! so yeah. very awesome. i really feel bad though! because i dunno if anyone called annabelle (i’m assuming that she was called hopefully bc bizzy was there) and i know that no one called adrianne!!! OH NO!!!! we totally forgot until we were actually AT pf changs…ooooooh noooo……well, at least no one will write about it on xanga…i think. because we’re trying to keep it on the dL…which is why i’m writing on this unknown blog that no one knows i have. it’s just a sense of peace i guess. i mean, knowing that maybe strangers will read the testimony that is my life. that’s kinda cool. and then MAYbe my friends will find it…though i highly doubt that one! cuz no one really uses blogs…it’s all about xanga and livejournal. but that’s okay. it’s nice to know that this is out there anyway…just because. cuz life is beautiful, and HEY it’s SENIOR YEAR!! crazy awesome good times…i think….i’m SO excited about senior ap psych! you have NO IDEA. hecka friends are in that class. it’ll be DA BOMB YO. yeah. i’m not ghetto. i’m actually suburban. so let’s not try. and i’m not from norcal either…lol. i’m from illinois! LOL good times…good times…

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