So basically yesterday was wonderful.
i’d write this in my normal journal, but I left it at home *sigh*.

I had class….that really wasn’t so bad. Especially because Sun Laoshi decided not to pick on us–which was good, because we definitely did NOT have any sort of dialogue ready because Zhen is a native and I…well…I’m American. lol so YAY for that!

Got out of class at 2, was planning on taking a nap, but then I came back and talked with Lauren and Christina for an hour or so, which was really nice because I haven’t seen Christina at all this quarter even though I live right next door to her, and I just like talking to Lauren πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, I found out that the Carlson Building is a no go, because it’s dark, dirty and ugly, but that’s alright. :/

After that, I talked to Eric for a little while and he invited me into his room to play a computer game while Eric “read”. So i played for a little while, and then Louis, our new suitemate, came and played too! So I stayed and talked/played with them for about 2 hours, and Eric really enjoyed having us in his room πŸ˜€

Then I was supposed to take a nap, and I got about…1/2 an hour in maybe? And Alex, Sophi and James came knocking on my door for dinner. I already had plans though! Hurray! Well…I mean, hurray for me having plans. So they stayed for a little while, James for a little while longer, and then I had to rush shower to get ready to go out with Eugene, Penny and…mystery people.

Eugene, Penny and I planned this all out on Wednesday night when they were nice enough to walk me to the Library and then stayed and talked with me for about an hour on my late night shift. Eugene was supposed to invite the other two people that could fit in his car…he wanted “manly” men to balance it out, i guess. Because Penny and I are VERY ladylike πŸ˜‰ ahahhaa

So Eugene came and picked me up from Plex…and he gives someone a call. Lo and behold it’s him! I told Eugene during our crazy late night finals study session about how I was interested in him, but I really don’t think Eugene was trying to set us up for anything. Eugene used to disciple craisin…or maybe he still does, I’m not sure. But in any case…I was like…YAY! but at the same time…”this could be awkward…” and still, it is just an interest.

The latter was true at least for the beginning of the night…at dinner it wasn’t the entire table talking to each other all the time, because we sat Penny across from me, and me next to Eugene who was across from him. Three of us ended up getting drinks–Eugene and Penny both got a margarita, and I got a MOJITO!!! Ah, I think thats my favorite drink so far. (Out of like..the 3 I’ve had. lol) It was BEAUTIFUL. Even prettier than the fruity drinks I love to look at so much.

And my face turned red. HAAHHA. I really can’t tell if it’s red because I get kind of embarassed when I’m drinking alcohol because I think about how I’m going to turn red (thus a self-fulfilling prophecy) or if it’s because I really do have the asian glow. After Chili’s they said my forehead was red too, which would indicate the dreaded glow. But whatever. It was nice to get out and to drive to somewhere for dinner, even though we didn’t make it to Olive Garden, we went to Ruby Tuesday.

Eugene and him were being such gentlemen about holding the doors and everything. So sweet! Afterwards we just stood around and because we’re indecisive we couldn’t figure out what to do for awhile. Baha’i temple, the shedd aquarium, see a movie, see a musical (WICKED!!), get ice cream, etc. Lol. we ended up driving back to 7-11 to get ice cream. and then back to plex (my room) to watch a movie.
We end up meeting James downstairs (who had just come from his old HS bible study reunion), and we head to the second floor to see what people were up to in case they wanted to watch with us. I ran up to clean my room (dirty clothes under the bed), and the rest went and found Alex with Hyden and Tom playing WoW. And Fang in his room. Honestly, I really don’t like that they play WoW. I think it’s the most antisocial social activity possible. Even if you’re in the same room playing together, you’re all on separate machines looking at your own screen. At least with videogames, you’re all watching the same thing and other people can watch you play, you know? But that’s another gripe. (That Alex is upset that people keep baggin on him for)

so then Lyn came, and we were all kinda talking in the hallway–James and Penny, and the WoWers and Euge and Fang, and so him and I kinda just…were awkwardly talking a little bit. Then we lost him to the WoW room…but he survived and came out after a little while! And then we decided to watch The Princess Bride (James’ suggestion), and that’s where we lost Eugene. LOL So it became Penny, James, me, and surprisingly, him! I thought he would stay down with the guys, because he really doesn’t know us very well, but he came too! (TO MY ROOM!!!! ^_^) and we watched. he sat on the floor by my dresser though, instead of sitting with James on the bed because he didn’t want to get it dirty. (?) lol he’s so weird. Penny and I sat on the floor under my bed. But his butt got the better of him and at least he sat in my chair for most of the movie.

Afterwards, we decided to walk Penny home because she wasn’t going to take saferide and it was already past 1 by then. So James and I decided to go, even though I wanted to wake up early to volunteer (slept through both my alarms like a baby. LOL SO SAD!) We went downstairs to get James’ coat, and by then it was Alex, Fang, Hyden, Tom playing Wii (much better). Again, I thought maybe he would stay and play with them (I think Alex wanted him to), or go back to Park Evanston, because he looked SO tired. He was leaning on the wall and closing his eyes! Surprisingly, he decided to walk up with us.

It ended up that James and Penny talked together, and he and I talked together. We talked about my volunteering site, his major decisions, what he wanted to do this summer (because he knew that I got the job at Seaworld since we have Hanyu together), etc. And when we got to Penny’s house, he was so surprised! He said “We’re here already?! That was so short!!!” Yes, talking to nice people will shorten the time πŸ˜‰ Nah, Penny’s is only about 10 min away from plex. lol

We started heading back, and we were talking about multiethnicity and being bilingual and such, and I asked Phil why his parents moved to California his junior year of HS. His dad was in the housing market (I forget the name of that–and coincidentally I learned Lauren’s dad is too that day!) and things went south for Asia in that department. And his parents knew they wanted to send him to school in America for college. And then we ran into Roz which cut our conversation short. Roz offered him a ride because they had a car, but he refused multiple times. I think part of it was just not wanting to bother them…I would probably refuse a couple times too and then finally agree (because by then it was past 1:30 and us dainty women should not wander the streets alone so late!), but he resolutely held his ground. πŸ™‚

Then James started asking him about VT (boo lame topic! lol) and we arrived at Plex. Where we said Adieu. He said something like…”Hopefully I’ll run into you guys again this weekend” or something along those lines, and I said “Well, if you feel like watching the Sound of Music, you know where it’s at!” and then he asked “Where and when?” And I said “6:15, at plex!” James then reminded me about Junior Dining, and I said, “Oh, that’s true, you would miss Junior Dining…but you could always come late because the movie is 3 hours long!” And he said that he’d rather come for the beginning rather than the scary/tense end (he doesn’t like scary movies–so cute!), so he said he might come πŸ™‚

As we were stepped into the lobby of Plex, James gave me a very knowing look. hahaha. He asked if he could tell Alex and Tom, but I said no….unless they ask, they don’t need to know πŸ™‚ I’m happy with just knowing myself. πŸ™‚ And who knows…I hope he comes! although Jr. Dining got moved to The Lam, Lan, Lee place, so its right by where he lives.

I don’t even like him…and I’m not even that interested anymore. Which is good, because I think it makes it easier to talk to him. ^_^ But it’s interesting how God is really putting us together this quarter. But it’s only been the first week of classes. So we’ll see how the rest of them pan out. πŸ™‚

Wo hen gaoxing! πŸ™‚


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