So I work at our school library until closing on Tuesday nights/Wednesday mornings, and right before closing (around 3am) this little old lady comes in and goes into the library right before we close all the doors. She said she works here, and I saw her swipe in today, but honestly, last week I thought she might have been lying and been homeless, had it not been for her wildcard. She has this kind of grey, wispy, disheveled hair, and she wears these bohemian clothes–many shawls and a long skirt in patterns that don’t really go together but she makes it work somehow. And she’s this teeny tiny old woman who also has a hunched back and she looks so frail!
But last week when she explained that she worked in the library, I let her in, and she said something to me, but all I remember was her saying “Thank you for your smile.” It was the sweetest thing!
And today, when I was clocking out to go home, she was just swiping in, except she was having trouble. So she let me swipe out, and then she asked me how to swipe in. And I’ll be honest, I was dashing to get out of the library and go home and sleep since it was so late. But I showed her how to do it, and stayed with her as she apologized to me and tried to swipe in. It worked! So she said thank you, and opened her arms for a hug. That’s when I really realized just how small and fragile she was. But she said “It’s little things like taking the time out to help someone that really heal the world. So thank you.” And i was so touched, and so I said thank you back to her. She was darling.
I’ve really never encountered anyone who spoke so softly, or so sweetly but with so much genuineness. She’s so sweet, so darling, that I just think to myself…how could she survive in a world like this? and not only survive–but maintain the outlook that she has on life? She’s like a little primrose growing up out of the cracked sidewalk in an urban garbage dump. Honestly, from the way she talks and the wonderous things that come out of her mouth– for the first time ever, it makes me wonder if there really are angels walking amongst us here on earth.


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