this blog is becoming little more rants than raves.

seriously. seriously.

i am just GAH!
so frustrated!!!
it’s like…he tells me that people have complemented him, or that people have invited him to something, and i know it makes him feel good because who wouldn’t? but does he need to brag? he acts like he’s this modest whatever person who says “nali, nali”, but then he goes and says these little things that are overt bragging. and it’s like….i could say the same things too, you know? but i don’t, because i’m not like that. i’d love to boast right back to him. AELRKALBALSDKGASLDKFBALSKDBFSALKDBFLSDKFHASLFJSALKDfja

maybe it’s that i’m actually jealous. i don’t know. but for now, i’m just annoyed.


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