i really need to blog more.

So. lots has happened. By God’s grace I got a lab job, working w/ Luisa Marcelino researching coral bleaching! And when she explained it to me, how it works and why coral bleaches (it has to do with the electron transport chain in making ATP and free radicals of O2 and stuff like that…), it made my Northwestern science career complete. It was FINALLY put into real world perspective, and not only that, but I could understand her! I knew what she was talking about! It was SO sweet.

So I guess the only problem now is that I’ve a) forgotten most of it, and b) I can’t figure out how to get on the payroll. :/ Meaning, I’m not getting my $9.75/hr. Hrm…

But in terms of friends and things…things aren’t quite back to normal with Alex. He basically just joins us whenever he wants, and expects that that is okay. And it is, I guess. But some notice would be nice…or even just asking us what we’re doing would be nice. I dunno…I guess it’s just like…and he always makes it seem like he’s so busy…and that he has to turn down offers and stuff. but today we ran into esther and she asked if we wanted to study with her. and then later when we were fang and sophi he made it sounds like it was a preset study date, instead of a run in, you know what i mean? I dunno. maybe i’m just too…critical?

so i’ve been feeling like i’ve been needing to blog for a while now, and now that i am, i can’t remember what i wanted to say.

so i’ll leave for now…

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