i kissed dating goodbye

it’s finally my last day of finals…and I just have to write a ten page paper…and two pages of another paper 🙂

but i was thinking…as i was procrastinating and surfing facebook…
so there’s this one guy that i briefly mentioned in a couple entries already, and he popped up in my 6 friends box.  he and i almost went out about a year and a half ago…and he was the one that i gave over to God because he wasn’t a Christian, and I wouldn’t let myself enter into a relationship with him.  But I was thinking earlier about how thankful I was that I didn’t start anything with him, because he would have been my first boyfriend (he would have been the first guy that i ever said yes to, not that he’s the first guy who ever asked me out :P), and knowing me, I would have become emotionally attached to him (of course!), and I really don’t think it would have brought me closer to God, because he’s not a Christian, he’s a frat guy–a really nice one, albeit, but still.  And giving that up really taught me a lot and so I’m still saving myself.  And yes, at times, I do wish that by now I would have said yes to one of them…so at least I could have had a dating experience by the time I turned 21. 

But along the way I’ve made promises to myself, and promises to God.  I wouldn’t date in highschool, because I’m not ready, my relationship with God was still developing, and I knew I should find my desire for God first before I consider joining myself to someone else–even if it’s just a boyfriend.  And then first year of college came around, and I told myself that I wouldn’t date because dating your freshman year would detract from God, and detract from making friendships that will last all of college.  And then sophomore year came and went, and I didn’t really think about it too much, except to note that upperclassmen suggested that I hold off on dating until junior year because freshman and sophomore year you’re still figuring out who you are, who your friends are.  And now that it’s junior year…I’ve opened myself up to the possibility…but the only guy I’m interested in is painfully shy at times, and i’m a baboon myself.  And it’s only an interest…I’d just like to get to know him better.

But really this entry wasn’t supposed to be about me.

I wanted to say that I looked at mike’s profile, and I thought about how happy he must be with his girlfriend now.  They started dating about 6 months after we had our DTR (and he was so nice about it–he told me that since I knew where he stood, that it was completely up to me and he would respect my decision), and it was so good just to see how happy they are together.  She’s a graduated senior, and so I doubt they would have started dating had he and I been together…but they love each other, and really, it all works out for the best for everyone when we decide to follow God.  And thinking about it from his perspective, I hate to say, is something that I hadn’t done a whole lot.  but they’re so happy together, and I can’t imagine them breaking up now that they’ve done a year long distance!  he’s so much happier than he would have been 🙂

ookay…i guess I should get back to my paper…

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