Lu Hua (to make green)

i’m back!
so i’m taking this class called History of the Western Hemisphere Environments, and most of what we talk about is how humans have drastically altered the face of the earth and the futures of nearly all animals for the worst.

And I was reading about bison, and how the last remaining “wild” herd is in Yellowstone.  Is it just me, or is it strange and at the same time incredibly saddening that when we want to see the way that America looked a mere 200 years ago, we have to go to an isolated park that’s protected with a ridiculously stringent regulations and enforcements so that there are no loopholes for people skirt around?

and even so, this is what people take pictures of…(one of the first results on google images)


how sad does this look?
not gonna lie, the first thing i thought of was the Trail of Tears.

this is kind of more what i expected:

that’s what i hoped for…except…when i imagine the bison, the free roaming bison (there’s only one herd like that on the entire face of the country)…i picture them en masse, with numbers in the hundreds…but i guess that’s just a false memory in my mind.

and now the bison are being “saved” because Americans think beef is too fattening, and bison burgers are a healthier alternative.  so 97% of the buffalo that are being raised and grown are now for American consumption.  And they’re being bred with beef to make…you got it…beefalo.  So the bison that we have left aren’t even the pure, strong, beasts that once roamed–owned–our great nation, they’re tainted genetically modified human beefalo. :-/

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