Sunday of Cedar: Malachi

Notes from Cedar…Mindy

Malachi 1

  • Background
    • it’s the only book of the Bible that starts out with a declaration of love
    • Malachi — 400 years — NT
    • prophets usually rise up in tumultuous times, but not Malachi!
      • they were sacrificing IN a temple, it’s just that they were apathetic
      • people were disillusioned — what happened to the days when Moses came down after talking with God and his face was *glowing*?
    • Socrates lived in Malachi’s time!  No other book uses this narrative/Socratic/i’m speaking as God method
  • Summary:
    • Nothing can change my love for you –God
    • Because I love you, I’m going to hold you accountable and call you out
    • I’ll show you a better way
    • You will be an example to the world!
  • It’s part of the Christian life to feel alone and abandoned sometimes.
    • even Jesus said on the cross “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?!”
  • Jacob (of Jacob and Esau) gets a name change to Israel and becomes the 12 tribes (Romans 9)
  • Hyperbole (over exaggeration)
    • we need to HATE our family and our friends–>tells you just how much you need to LOVE God through contrast
  • You’re giving me lip service.  the words that you say are empty.
    • two sins:
      • the people brought crap animals to give to God
      • the priests LET them sacrifice crap
  • The way you spend your money tells you what you truly care about
    • tithing should be your first gift–off the top
  • God calls us to worship him so we can manifest his glory globally.
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