Monday of Cedar: Malachi 2:1-16

Malachi 2:1-16

  • Call of the Priest
    • priests were a doorway to God
    • they were the mediator for sacrifices
    • guardians of the law–to teach and model it for others
    • judicial system and legal system
  • We are people of the faith.  we always want to be acknowledged, but it’s about glorifying God, not our pride.
  • With leadership comes great responsibility.  And they failed.
    • God says you’re so dishonoring that I’m going to take this stuff in the bowels of the animals you’re sacrificing and put it all over your face!  (that stuff was the half digested muck that had to be removed from the animal on the outskirts of town because it was THAT dirty)
  • Know scripture.
  • Is your life leaving fingerprints of God on the people that you touch?
  • “He stood in awe of me”
  • 2nd Covenent: Marriage
    • “breaking faith”
    • interracial relationships are all good. but interfaith is prohibited.
      • deuteronomy 7:3-4
      • Moses had a foreign wife
      • Ruth and Boaz were interracial, but Ruth forsook her gods
      • 1 Corinthians 14:16
      • God wants to spare us the heartache
      • whatever the defining element is in your life, you need to share it.
      • God tells men NOT to break the faith.
    • God says that he HATES divorce
      • not I hate divorced PEOPLE.
      • It takes two to have a marriage.  It takes one to have a divorce.
      • God is the one who can pick up the broken pieces.
      • grounds for divorce:
        • unfaithfulness (Matt 5:32)
        • abandonment  (1 Corinthians 7:15)
      • Divorces don’t solve the problems you’re going through.
        • they’ll still have anger problems.
        • they’ll still have problems budgeting.
    • any society is only as strong as their marriages.
    • you will be disappointed by marriage.  it’s okay.
    • Cohabitation:
      • There’s been a MAJOR cultural shift lately.  30 years ago it was totally unacceptable to live with someone who wasn’t your spouse.  But sociologists thought it would lower the divorce rate…but it actually has raised it.
    • Contract Marriage:  I will stay married to you as long as….you love me.  you support me.  you’re kind to me.
    • See marriage as a COVENANT.
      • no if clause
      • no backdoor outlet
      • no loopholes.
      • the God who drew you together will keep you together.
    • Learn TODAY what it means to be faithful, so that you’ll have it down when it’s time.
    • Marriage is a crucible for change–you soften one another’s rough edges.
    • Through Christ, I can be the one that breaks the chain.  I don’t have to follow in their footsteps.
    • Pride is what keeps people from getting the help they need.  They spend their energy on appearances.
    • Marriage is the best image of the church’s relationship to Christ.  This is what God intended marriage to be–he thinks this highly of it that this is the image he used.
    • Forgiveness.  Don’t keep scorecards.  Practice this now too.

Marriage is the commitment to learn how to love an imperfect person.  When two horribly flawed people can love and be devoted to one another, this speaks volumes to a watching world.  It gives people hope that imperfect people can truly be loved. –Mindy Meier (our speaker)

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