Tuesday of Cedar: Malachi

“Where is the God of Justice?”

  • God promises that he will show up.  Not only that, but someone will “prepare the way”.
    • He’s gonna start his judgement at the temple, not at the place where all the “bad” people are.
    • He’s going to purify and refine.  How?
      • through suffering.
      • God does something beautiful with that.  he makes us like Christ.  The refiner’s fire only works when things get hot.
      • The refiner’s fire is only done and complete when the refiner can see his own iage in the surface of the melted metal.
  • Why do we have a full board asking where God is in these situations if the God of Justice came?
    • He inaugurated the Kingdom of God, but it’s not consummated yet. 
    • that’s partially where we come in.  Someone is the answer to the prayers.  maybe you’re the answer to a little boy’s prayers in Africa.
  • Let’s find our battles, pick the right ones, and go for it.  No “Holiday Tree” fights.
  • Malachi 3:7
    • Return to me–20times in the bible.
    • it’s the cry of a lover who’s experienced unfaithfulness.
    • It’s like a husband whose wife has been unfaithful, and he tells her–I don’t care.  Just come back to me.  I love you.
  • Show us the way back
    • tithing–everyone can do it.
    • tithe for the poor
    • he tells them to TEST HIM to EXPERIENCE HIM and have something that’s a God thing.
    • Let’s keep track of those God things.  Let’s write up a history, a story of how God has showed up in our lives.
  • Bless to bless others.  He doesn’t bless us so we’ll be happy and secure for the rest of our lives.
  • God owns our degree. –> Leverage that for the Kingdom.
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