post cedar/bonfire

about that bonfire post.
i still totally vibe with what i said.  but i was thinking…and Roz was telling us during dship once about how God was really teaching her that a lot of the things that she does won’t bear fruit that she can see…but that doesn’t mean that God’s not still doing a good work there.  Roz just had to learn to trust that God was still there, and that it was okay that she wouldn’t see the results.

And maybe that’s what I have to learn now.  I’ve always wondered if there was a place for me to talk about divorce as a ministry…like starting up counseling or an interest group or something…and I don’t know, maybe there was someone sitting there who’s parents don’t exactly have the happiest marriage (although from phone calls home that I heard it doesn’t sound like it….)  but maybe just having me share did something for someone or maybe will do something later…I don’t really know.  But I’m just going to have faith that God did want me to share (because I had one of those pressing on my chest breathing slightly constricted feels that I think usually goes with God wanting me to say something but I’m too introverted to do it), and that God is using it for something, maybe not something big, maybe not even something noticeable, but for something good.

And I think it’s certainly true that most of our fellowship there that night was probably not expecting/ready for sharing of that magnitude.  But maybe it can be a start to something in our chapter.  I can only hope.  And pray.

and i did tell alex about how i felt at cedar, and he did apologize for not being there.  i didn’t call him out in particular, i just said that i was disappointed that no one said anything afterwards, and then i shared with him about what i’m writing right now.  and while i was still the one who made the first move, i’m not upset at him anymore, which is good!

Darn Barney and Phil just couldn’t wait to watch it with us…losers.  lol  BUT I GET TO SEE IT TONIGHT AND EVERYONE’S BEEN SAYING HOW GOOD IT IS!!! 

AND. one more thing
i think those verizon commercials about dead zones are really funny, but at the same time they are SUCH LIES!!!
MY HOUSE IS A DEAD ZONE AND I HAVE THE VERIZON NETWORK!!!  wtc.  for real.  i should like…sue them for false advertising.  goodness.

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