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so this weekend was a lot of fun.  i don’t think i have any huge revelations to share, so this post is really more for myself, to remember what a lovely summer i had before senior year 😀

so Tuesday I bummed around and caught up with my twin, Maya, for a couple hours, and we just got to talking about a lot of stuff…oohhh, like my dinner date with Mustafa and how that went, and how things are going with her now that lab is over and school is about to begin, and general things that good friends enjoy talking about.  It’s good to see her–I’ve been so used to seeing her practically every day because i started to get to know her winter quarter of my Sophomore (her freshman year), we took 3 classes together spring quarter so i quite nearly saw her literally every day, summer we worked at the libe and she ditched me for orgo so we saw each other 6 days a week, then fall, winter, and spring this year we’ve always had at least bio together, and lots of study dates.  And I’m really grateful for her friendship.  Especially after the whole Alex thing, and really wanting close girl friendships that have that connection–that kinda friendship that you feel at home in, you know?  And so it’s a little weird now how we have to schedule time together to meet up and catch up.  But I’ve definitely learned since coming to college that friendships take a lot of work.
so after we wandered around–never quite knowing where we were going, as usual.  (we just start walking, and inevitably maya always asks “Where are we going??”  and i inevitably say “Oh, I don’t know.”) we bumped into Tom, whom we were supposed to meet for a movie date anyway.  so we saw WALL-E and fo real, it was SUCH a good movie.  apparently, according to the director, it’s a love story first and foremost, and everything else just happens to play into the story.  But go see it! it’s wonderful.  the animation was so impressive, the storyline (the main characters can only really say each other’s names) is fantastic, there’s world saving involved–or, at least, encouragement to be good stewards of the planet, adorable, lovable characters–wall-e is SO endearing.  i can’t even begin to describe just how likeable he and the captain are.  i really enjoyed it. and the more time that passes, the more i love the movie.  it’s like fine wine.  or cheese.  neither of which i happen to know much about…wine is…not my cup of tea.
aaand then we were late for Bible study.  merrrr….hahaha

thennnn oh. wed not much happened cuz i had to pick my mummy up at the airport.
and i can’t remember thursday.  a little too much to drink.  ahhahaha. jkjk.

friday! YAY!
i got to meet up with Roz, my old discipler and friend, for lunch, which is always good, although she was tired to the max. 😦  i hope she got rest!!
then i got all my work done in lab!  (woohoo!!)  i’m doing research on coral bleaching–seeing how the optical properties (what wavelengths of light it absorbs and reflects) of the coral skeletons (the white stuff that washes up on the beach after the coral has died) has any say in how susceptible that species of coral is to bleaching (ohhh global warming…).  so it was exciting to get the work done that my professor was expecting….esp since she’s at the symposium presenting the research we’ve already done 🙂

and then for dinner i got to meet up with my girls.  my D.O. girls that i love and don’t get to see nearly enough.  we were in the same discipleship/bible study group in highschool, and we’ve just kept meeting up ever since.  So we (Lori, stace) met up without Sabrina (who’s in Beijing!) and i brought Natalie along, so it was good just to catch up a little again and go downtown 🙂  and we’re definitely going to meet up again soon because well, no offense, bc i love her, but the dynamics were slightly different having natalie there as opposed to sabrina because nat doesn’t know the girls as well.  but anyway!
so we couldnt’ get back on the redline train because they closed down that station at some point during the night, so nat and i decided to go to Rock Bottom Brewery.  I’d read about it (i think on yahoo! answers hahha) and heard it was good.  So we stopped in for some really good cheesecake and a drink.  I got a chocolate martini!  godiva, even!  and nat got an amaretto sours with orange juice.
personally, i liked her drink better because you couldn’t taste the alcohol quite as much.  lol  it tasted like juice!
but it was really good to hear what God’s been doing over at UH (hawaii)…and how her loving matt but having to give him up because God asked–how that’s been teacher her things she never expected.  and many’s been a hard year for the both of us.  But it was really good because i finally felt like she was really listening to what i had to say, and she would ask about what’s been going on, about things i mentioned briefly during the year…she remembered.  and so in times past, the friendship has felt a little more one sided…well, at least since we’ve gotten to college, because she’s had a looootttt of hard experiences, and it’s good for me to just be there and listen, but this time…we both had a lot of lessons to bring to the table about all the ways that God’s been working in our lives and in our respective fellowships.  (or lack thereof…boy did she have a hard year)

mmm then saturday night i went out to celebrate anthony’s bday (biz’s bf), and we went to Carnivale.  and while it was a lot of fun and a fabulous restaurant (it was anthony, biz, katrina, me, abelle and her boy eddy), i did feel third–no, fifth or sixth wheel a LOT, and i realized just how big the discrepancy is again between winnetka and wilmette.  not to say that i’m not upper middle class.  i had this discussion with natalie, and by no means am i complaining about where my parents have come and how they’ve raised me–i’m so grateful.
it was just….so we all got a drink.  the same drink, infact.  and that was $8.50.  and i hate to think about money when we’re all trying to celebrate, but i had to borrow money from my mom because friday night cleaned me out pretty well.  so i only had a grand total of $36 in my wallet, including the borrowed mom’s money.  then we ordered 3 appetizers for the table.  $18 total…4.50 per person.  not bad, really.  and the food was incredible.  then entree.  $19.  and i literally picked my entree by looking at the prices and determining what sounded best (and was recommended) out of the cheapest options on the menu.  biz opted for the $30 seafood that sounded amazing… this point, i leaned over to katrina (the other wilmette kid) and asked her how much she had in her wallet because by this point, i was fully expecting to need to borrow money.  turns out she only brought thirty something dollars as well, but we figured we’d worry about it later, because we were celebrating!  and carnivale is amazing, no lie.  and the atmosphere is wonderful.  thennnn katrina and i split a dessert, while everyone else ordered individual desserts.  so $9/2=$4.50.  so altogether our dinner (let’s not forget tip–included at 18%, and tax, which is now over 10% in illinois) the total came out to $46.50.  for ONE DINNER.  i couldn’t believe it.  i’ve never spent that much money on one persons dinner EVER.  even when i’m with my fam and we’re taking the parents out to dinner.  oy.  i was actually a little disgusted with myself.  and it’s one thing if there’s lots of leftovers…but there was only a little…so little that the waitress gave katrina and i looks when we asked to take our food home.  (we were on the same page the entire night)  and i just thought…if we spent $46.50…then biz and everyone else who ordered more expensive dishes and didn’t split dessert…must have paid at LEAST $55 each.  i really just….i could not believe how much money we spent.  and for  a good deal of the night they were talking about their european travels, whether it was vacation, or studying abroad, or in some cases, both…and i know it was his birthday, and i understand birthdays=splurge, but for me…splurging on dinner is $30 max…and rarely do i spend that much…that’s like…mother’s day or father’s day, you know?  i just…oy.  and i’d forgotten what it was like sometimes to be with them in their nice homes and beautiful kitchens and furnished basements…and not to say their spoiled in anyway, they aren’t…it’s just…i noticed the discontinuity.  and again….i’m not complaining in any way…i’m just…complaining about the rift i felt between me and some of my closest friends from highschool because of MONEY.  you know?  it’s sad what money can do.  it’s great at causing divisions.
it was fun though, regardless.
and today i went to church, and saw rebecca and caught up with her, and went down with natalie.  it’s a little weird to go back now, i won’t lie.  ppl change, and ppl stay the same…and most go to UIC or UIUC…so they stick together.  but that’s all part of growing up, i suppose.

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