for example…when i said i was going to write about it anyway…. i meant it.
like yesterday, i got to eat lunch with James, Tom, Kelly!, and Maya.  And I was UBERLATE.  like…i said i’d be there at 12:15…and i got there at like…12:35 or something bad like that.  stupid green commuter parking.  gosh.  they were really gracious about my lateness.  it’s sad, but people definitely expect it of me.   😀  oh well, i’ll just have to put that on my list of things to get better at (if i had a list…)   but it was really nice to see kelly again, especially since it didnt’ quite work out that first time she came back to evanston.  (email communication and phone dying and no cell phone reception in the dead zones, etc) but she DID eat lunch with tom that time, so i feel a little better about that.  and i’m really happy that james and tom have really reached out to her this year :D.  especially since she’s not a Christian, and she’s a transfer student, which is always hard.  and it was hilarious finding out that our mom’s grew up together!!!  literally they lived on the same block in Chinatown!  and when we moved out, our moms were catching up and yapping away as if they were still in elementary school.  lol  such a small world.

so maya and i caught up again after lunch (james back to lab, tom back to work, kelly back to chicago), and then we walked back up to tech together….me to lab, her to prep for physics lab (blech!).

i decided to call fang after i got out of lab as i was walking from tech to norris.  and it was REALLY GOOD just to catch up with him again.  even if it was only for40 minutes or so (my phone died).  and i was really surprised, because when we hung up, he said “thanks for calling.”  i’m not gonna lie, i was actually taken aback for a split second when he said that.  in a good way.  pleasantly surprised, if you will.  it’s just something you don’t really expect to hear, you know?  but i guess we weren’t so great at keeping in touch last summer when he was gone…*cough* so this so far is making up for it–we spoke today for about an hour and a half. 🙂

and he is really easy to talk to.  he is a really good listener, which is what i think initially attracted me way back when i liked him (AWKWARDDDD).  he’s a good friend.  the kind you can complain to–and that’s a high compliment 😉  bc you only complain to those friends that you know won’t judge you, the ones you feel safe with.  unfortunately, it’s also those friends that you hold to higher standards and get really upset at when things don’t go as nicely as you want them to…and that’s where things tend to get messy.

i think in highschool it was a lot easier because you grew up together–you knew what to expect, you knew in what areas you could count on them, in what areas you could “count on them” to let you down…etc.  but college is a whole nother ball park.  (nother is definitely a word, isn’t it??  firefox is underlining it…) no one knows your past until you share it with them, and you’re all forced into close contact with one another day in and day out, and you don’t have that history all built up and figured out.  that’s what makes things a hundred times more difficult. merrrrr.

AND i just realized i forgot to write about the fourth, which was at Alex’s house (he did a lot for us).  and about dinner w/ Mustafa (interesting).  merrrr…i’ll get to that later.
time to hit the sack  (haha, i typed “sake” by accident…i’ve heard it’s a good night cap though…), since i have a buttload of work to do in the lab…BEFORE lunch!!  AH!


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