more post cedar reflection

let’s see…
so going into cedar, i was mmm…apprehensive about working with Josh because I thought we were two almost opposite people.  And Amy had mentioned that we would probably “balance” each other out, and Lisa acknowledged that we were *very* different people.  Even Eddy told me that it would be challenging to work with him!  And from working with Josh this year (he was my Bible Study leader), I knew that they weren’t telling me anything new, they were just confirming my own beliefs..  😉  But working with him at Cedar, and getting to know him better…I think he’s a lot more faceted than we all thought.  The first shock was going through conflict styles with all the leadership teams at NU….and learning that Josh would rather avoid confrontation and not talk about it!  That was totally unexpected.  (And honestly, I think we’re all avoiders sometimes).  Also, when we were working together to make plans for our SGS…he always asked me what I was thinking, and we never had any disagreement–not even a minor one!  I actually felt somewhat more in the driver’s seat, which was really surprising. It was really good.  I’m really looking forward to working with him, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun 🙂

Also, through all those personality tests that we took during leadership track, Barney and I found out that we’re basically the same person.  LOL  he’s ENFP (i’m borderline E/I  but I think I’m a pretty strong INFP), we have the same conflict management style, we enjoy a lot of the same things…I dunno.  We’re just very similar.  Hehe, which I don’t really mind because I really like Barney!

Also, we got to play a lot of Mafia on Friday since we didn’t have to present and plan anything (we did that Thurs because we had Greg, Chris, Meghan, and Kosi leave on Friday morning)!  I was Mafia or a vampire every single time!  It was a lot of fun though 🙂  I made it till the last few or won all the time!  hahaha  And we went over to Kathy’s for Pat Bing Soo 🙂  mmmm
The bad part about playing so much Mafia is that when we played it at Alex’s fourth of July party, Barney, Dan and Phil (the other Cedarites) could call me out every single time >: /   lol  especially Phil.  BOO.  never playing with them again!  lol

As for walks, Meghan’s last day, we took a walk out in the forest instead of doing our QT, but it was really good just to talk with her for an hour and get to know her. I didn’t really know her at all until that night after Spring Celebration when we sat at the same table…and then Cedar came around!  We talked a lot about life, friends, and things like that….I’m thinking of maybe asking to be her discipler 😉  I don’t know if she’s being discipled by Jess or not, so we’ll see.  And Eunjoo and Alex’s ComB team will be in charge of that next year, so we’ll see what happens.  She’s SO incredibly friendly–I totally thought she was an E, but she tells me she’s a hardcore introvert.  but it’s impossible not to love her.  She just reaches out to people and she’s reached out to me, which for me, especially as an introvert, makes it a lot easier for me to reach out to her and get to know her better.  🙂

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