Summon the Heroes

Over the past few years since I’ve been in college, the circle of friends that I see from home has slowly diminished.  Well, more like the big decline from Freshman Year to Sophomore year, and since then it’s been pretty reliable.  That’s probably because freshman year EVERYONE wanted to throw huge reunion parties over Thanksgiving (church and school friends), Winter break (everyone and their mom), and of course, the summer beach parties.  But since sophomore year, reunions have taken the form of just simple hang outs, or meeting up with people for dates and things like that.  And I’m not gonna lie, the homebody part of me (the introverted hermit part of me) really doesn’t mind.

So every break, the main people from school that I always see are Lisa, Katrina, Jessica, Biz, Annabelle, Esther, Nat, Anj, Sarah, and Michael.  And Lisa really enjoys having us over (I love going over!) so we’ve been hanging out a lot, with boardgame nights (lots of those), plain chill sessions, bonfires in the backyard, going to Devon (getting eyebrows threaded!!!), etc.  So last Sunday we had a bonfire in her backyard and we just made smores and they drank red wine (not such a fan, myself).

And we were talking and reminiscing over the flames about highschool and how things were like back then…and i started wondering how I fell into this group of people.  Honestly, they were all part of my group of friends (heck, Gene Lee was part of my extended group of friends–quiet, khaki pants, Science Olympiad Gene Lee who wouldn’t talk to me or Esther very much even though we kept trying to talk to him and making him feel all uncomfortable…LOL)…but I never actually hung out with Lisa a whole lot.  But now she’s like one of my go to break buddies!  I think it all came out because we were talking about families and Katrina told us that she had siblings in the Philippines!!!  I was like..WTC!?  I knew she had a younger brother who lived in her house, but then she goes on to tell us that they’re all half siblings,  and that her parents aren’t actually married!  Again–what?!?!  Lisa knew, but Jessica and I had no idea, and I’ve known Katrina since Junior High!!! (even tho we weren’t that tight till soph year of highschool…but still!  that’s like  4 years!)

And it was also weird because I realized that we’re all kind of fractured, even though there’s a group of us.  So Abelle invited Biz, Esther, Sarah and I out for lunch right?  Yesterday, actually.  We went to Walker Bro’s (very reminiscent of highschool), and when Abelle invited us over to her place to watch the Olympics later that night, Biz and I kind of looked at each other…Lisa invited us over to her place downtown (yes, her parents just bought a condo…more on that later) for a cheap French dinner on the river, clubbing, and then your typical girls night in.  And then Esther had just asked me if me and nat wanted to go see a movie on Saturday…and that’s when i thought about how many different plans go on within different circles…and that’s when I realized that we’re not exactly all one big group.  (And of course, there’s the Northwestern peeps…but at least they’re more cohesive!!)

Ahhh but it turns out I wasn’t feeling so hot last night.  So while I REALLY wanted to go downtown to Lisa’s (although the clubbing I’m not so sure about–especially cuz Jess would have to use a fake)), and I also wanted to go over to Tom and Alex’s…I ended up watching the Olympics at home with my mom.  Which in a way, I did really enjoy because we have our big TV and I know my mom has been waiting ALL summer for the olympics in Beijing.  (beijing huanying ni!)

She’s really getting into our heritage and all this stuff–it started after my grandmother passed away in 8th grade, but it’s been taken to a whole nother level since I got into college.  Especially recently, since she got in touch with my grandmother’s sister, and things have progressed so much that my mom planned a China trip for our family (dad bro me mom) to Hong Kong and Guang Zhou (southern China where the fam roots are) for September.  And not only that, but the sister that my mom JUST met!!  is coming with us too!  Which, on the one hand, is nice, but on the other hand, it’ll be kind of awkward.  hotel situations?  ermm…I don’t know how that’s going to work.  I have a feeling I’ll be sleeping on the floor a lot.  lol

Aaaaaanyway.  So the Opening Ceremonies were AMAZING.  dude….they had 2008 people for many of their “acts” I guess you could call it…and they were all so incredibly in sync.  It was amazing.  I kept trying to listen in to the Chinese and see if I could pick up anything, but alas…only a few words here and there..haha, like pengyou men (friends!).

the birds nest!

MAN the opening ceremonies were incredible.  and the Parade of Nations was crazy long…but there were so many countries I’d never heard of!  And when places popped up, i thought of people…like Hong Kong–Penny,Jen, and Clara, Singapore–Barney, Canada–Carrie, South Korea–Anna and Eugene, the Philippines–Katrina and Phil, Taiwan–Esther, etc.  It was pretty cool.

and the lighting of the torch!! AHH so cool.  and it brought me back to all the other olympics i’d watched…sydney with Savage Garden (LOL), and the USA womens’ gymnastic teams with Dominique Moceanu (sp?) Kerri Strug, Shannon Miller, etc…oh man.  I used to follow gymnastics like none other, bc my best friend was really into it…but….now Anna and I really aren’t close at all…ah well….more on that later too. :-/

off to watch men’s gymnastics!  ow ow!!  😉 hahaha they are SO AMAZING!!! my heart stops so much and my hands sweat always on the dismount! AHHHHHHH
and swimming!  michael phelps!! katie hoff!!! AHHHHH

Zhong Guo Jia You!  Mei Guo Jia You!
Let’s go China!  Let’s go USA!

also, for your GRE pleasure:
epicure: one who recognizes no religious motives for conduct, one who gives into sensual pleasure, a glutton.

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