they’re at it again  I thought maybe things were getting better, I thought maybe they’d be different.  Mom’s been home like…3 hours, and when I walked in the door after coming back from hanging out with Natalie and Esther, literally 5 minutes later Mom is screaming at Dad because he can’t talk to her like he respects her.  And yeah, it is Dad’s fault.  But it’s also her fault…you know how they are, you know how Mom has the worst temper ever and can’t say sorry and always thinks she’s right.  God, you MADE them!!!Why did you make them like this Lord??  Why did you put them together in a marriage?!  why did you make them my parents, God?  You knew this was how it was going to turn out, you knew that they can’t get along….and you know that I can’t handle this on my own God.  Robert’s so lucky that he’s far away in California, God…and I don’t know if I can take it…this is the one time when I wish I…I can’t even type it, God, but you know what I’m thinking.  How am I supposed to deal with this Lord?
They’re living together how?  Why?  Out of contract.  Dad gets 2 more years in this house, and then he’s out on his own.


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