milk and coffee mornings.

so every time go to the livejournal homepage there are always these new featured blogging communities, and one of them this time was “ofmornings”, where they just take pictures of their breakfast and post it online.

and it makes me miss breakfast.
and those mornings where you actually wake up at 9, and by the time lunch comes around (which is no longer your first meal since you’ve hadd breakfast), you feel so accomplished.  i haven’t been all that great at waking up in the morning since i had 8,9 and 10am classes in elder, and I’d wake up and eat breakfast with Mo.  It was actually one of the favorite parts of my day.  Sitting sleepily with Mo (sometimes without if she slept in, haha), not talking much, but just eating my granola or pancakes, and drinking chai that comes from the purple packet, and getting mentally ready for the rest of the day.

i think what i liked most about it was it was just so peaceful and quiet.  Hardly any of the other freshmen in Elder woke up for breakfast, so we almost had the dining room to ourselves every morning for about half an hour before we’d bundle up and head out to face the world.

sometimes, i wish i was a morning person.
they post pictures of browned toast, perfectly round pancakes, christmas cookies, orange slices, and tea or coffee sipped out of robust mugs, and dainty china teacups with roses painted on them.  it all makes life seem so quiet, so simple.
i think i’m going to find myself a  china teacup to adopt 🙂

the pancakes i made with amy jia that describe my life.

a picture perfect morning from the breakfast club. (specifically coriandersea’s entry
by coriandersea
see the difference?  hehe.  i want a life of christmas cookies, wheat waffles with their tiny pockets filled with syrup, and milk and coffee mornings.

soon it’ll be Christmas morning.  maybe i’ll wake up early just to see if Santa came.

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