my break ala food

i have this thing for food blogs now.  recipe blogs, baking blogs, even just pictures of people’s breakfasts!  i really like photography (even though my camera is a good 3 years old and i’ve never taken a photog class–next quarter, next quarter.), and i think since food is constantly changing and it poses well for the camera, voila!  food blog.  PLUS my brother and i started taking pics of all the food that our parents make so that we could use it for (we’re trying to make a cookbook of family recipes for our parents), and there’s no where to show off their amazing food.
so here goes.

dinner w/ Jennie, Jess, Alice at Clarkes the bar.

bakerella’s cupcake bites. i made them for xmas presents.

christmas dinner with my DO girls.

Christmas dinner with the fam.  Roast beef (a tradition), corn, carrots, onions, tomatoes, risotto.  mmm.

molten chocolate cake for christmas dessert!  by yours truly, with the help of martha stewart.

le peep with the HS buddies

house of sushi with the fam (our 3rd plate)

pork roast New Years Eve dinner (plus sweet potatoes and baked apples).  it was good to have this in my system before going out ;D

New Year’s Day dinner!  jai, chicken, char siu, roast pork.

SOOO MUCH FOOOOOD!!!  and more to come.

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