The Fire by Nate Pfeil

listen to this.

will God be glorified by your damnation or will he be glorified by your praise?

i’m going to add thoughts as i go a long, so bear with me.

Goodness.  This gave me a LOT to think about.  It’s only 12 minutes long, but he hits on so many different topics and issues…and the severity and depth of our sin.

How is it possible that so many times–no, most of the time–I forget the suffering that Christ endured??  I wept through The Passion.  I even started tearing up when Nate Pfeil was talking about the wrath that Christ endured for our sake…for my sin.  The
Momentary pleasure is just that, and then even afterwards, it’s not like I crash into a pit of despair because I remember how broken and sinful I am.  Sometimes I avoid doing my devotional for a couple hours because I can’t bear to face God, even though I know he already knows what happened. And sometimes I don’t even give it a second thought at all–like what just came out of my mouth?  oops i did it again (no britney reference intended)!

i hate how we make this ladder of sin.  Like this sin is okay really…it’s not that bad…but oh murdering someone, oh, taking advantage of a child–YOU deserve to go to hell!  YOU deserve eternal damnation! but for lying, well…you can get away with that.

i do it too.  otherwise, why would I sin at all?  If I really believed that telling a white lie was as horrible, as damaging to my relationship with God as murder was…I doubt I would do it very often.


2 thoughts on “The Fire by Nate Pfeil

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Jenny for sharing! It really does make you think doesn’t it?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Jenny for sharing! It really does make you think doesn’t it?

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