one day at a time.

so here’s to new years resolutions one month after they’re supposed to be set (i was never one for those kinds of things anyway…)

I’m going to try to reflect ten minutes before I go to bed every night.  One because I was reading this good book (The Gift of Being Yourself), two because I think it’ll also help me remember to do my devos and write down what I’ve learned, and three because it’s easier to see God’s hand in my life that way.

Mmm…maybe 5 minutes and we’ll see how it goes.  Bc ten and I’ll start writing a book.

So this weekend was good, it was my mom’s bday.  I didn’t know what to get her, but for the first time in a long time we ended up giving her things that she didn’t want to return!!!  (return as in, oh, well I have this already)  She’s really hard to shop for because she’s really practical and the things that she wants that aren’t practical she just gets herself.  So I got her a yoga set so she can do stretches before she runs (not really to do yoga, but she can if she wants).  She’s been using this sesame street bath towel that we’ve had since foreeeeever, lol.  And my dad decided to get her a programmable coffeemaker that also grinds beans and all that other good stuff.  And she liked it and kept both of them!  Pleasant surprise for us. 🙂  And we got her two cakes on accident. My dad got a traditional one from our family’s traditional bakery (Deerfield bakery) and then I got her one from Tony’s in my neighborhood, so she got a taste of latin flava with a tres leches mocha cake.  (omg my neighborhood has such good food!).

interesting tho, i asked why we always go to that bakery, and my dad said how most north-shore illinois ppl would rather go north for 25-30 minutes and avoid all the traffic, rather than head 15 minutes south and hit up Evanston, which also has a good, award winning bakery.  I have had their cakes (my sg got one for my birthday last year…red velvet, delish!).  From what I can tell, they’re both good bakeries, but I’d have to do a side by side comparison to seal the deal.  But regardless, there’s something about traveling into a more city-like (read: more compact, more traffic, less affluent (?)), more crime-ridden (?)) neighborhood that north shore people just won’t do.  or maybe i’m making a mountain out of a molehill.  because deefields bakery can do some things that the evanston one just can’t…like the cake we had last night.  it had 2 kinds of frosting (one inside one outside) and evanston bakery can’t do that (says so on the website).  i’ll leave that open for discussion then…

also barney was telling me about pastor peter’s sermon yesterday, about how where we spend our money tells us about where our heart is and where our treasure is.  If we spend a lot on food, we love pleasure, if we spend a lot on clothes, we worship how we look, etc.  We spend so much of our money on temporary things, on things that don’t really make a difference because we feel we deserve them.  I for example, take a least one day out (usually a few) a month and go shopping.  it usually coincides with receiving a paycheck.  lol  because i feel like i’ve earned that money, and now i get to go spend it!  Last week, for example, I went out to windowshop and find something for my mom’s bday.  I ended up getting something for her, and something for myself.

Even last night while I was on the phone with Barney, I was really convicted because I was in Target buying shoes.  I reasoned it out in my head, I said I don’t really need these shoes (but I kind of do bc my otherones are different and these are so comfortable–see what i mean?), BUT that I had already bought one pair of the same shoes, and they were on sale, but these two pairs of shoes were on clearance and their total price was less than that of the first pair.  So I could just return the first pair and keep these!  Hard part is now I have to find the receipt….

But regardless…i have many pairs of shoes.  I went into target looking for a pair of black boots.  and came out with two pairs of shoes.  and i’ haven’t done my budgeting for the past  few months because I keep forgetting and I know it won’t really be legit because I’ll have missed a lot and because I’m honestly a little afraid bc Christmas shopping + minivacation always kills me.  But when God calls us to give an account for the gifts and resources that he’s given us…what will happen?  What can we say?  Can we reason it out with him?  Can we appeal to him, to his nature of getting paychecks and wanting to spend them, can we appeal to his “well, I was in a really bad mood and shopping always picks me up”?  nope.  What’s done is done, and there our heart lies.

then, Barney said, Pastor Peter turned it around.  It went from where we spend our money and how our hearts lie in material things when in reality all the money is God’s and it’s on loan to us toooo how God spent all of his treasure to gain us.  He gave his one and only son to get us.  We are where his heart lies.  He gave EVERYTHING to gain us.  We are his treasure. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “one day at a time.

  1. Anonymous says:

    What about Tag’s on Central? Close and sooooo delicious.
    Also, I like the idea that your vote with your dollar, and that is more important than who you vote for for president.
    – James

  2. Anonymous says:

    What about Tag’s on Central? Close and sooooo delicious.
    Also, I like the idea that your vote with your dollar, and that is more important than who you vote for for president.
    – James

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