forward thinking

the truth is…

i feel like a woman. (cue shania twain)

a few days ago, my mom bought me this:

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion

I think she was just trying to make it over that magical $25 in order to get the special bonus gift that all asian ladies love, but nonetheless, i feel like i’ve graduated childhood in some small way.

I’ve never really been one to think ahead–I’m a procrastinator in the worst kind of way, and I’ve always had a sense that Jesus would come back before I die (no need to think about shopping for retirement condos in florida just yet).  I can’t even see myself getting married and having little baby fungs (or, I suppose, little baby mystery surname) running around in their onesies, although I do have hopes and aspirations that I’ll one day bundle up my little peanut with so many layers that he looks like a little starfish waddling around in the snow. (hahaha)

Age also seems to elude me.  Everyone who’s relatively young looks like an upper twenty year old; I seem to have no concept for what a “thirty-year old” looks like.  This one woman, Olivia, worked at the animal hospital with me, and I could have sworn she was 27.  Turns out she’s 36!  Maybe it’s just her youthful energy and friendly attitude that fooled me.  and another volunteer at the shedd?  I thought she was 21.  Nope, she’s 27!  She told me she tried so hard to grow up, to feel 27, and eventually just gave up and said she’ll always be a kid.  lol That makes me feel a lot better since  I had a mini-crisis over entering my mid-twenties when I turned 24. (twenty-four!  goodness.)

In essence, age is just a number, and growing up is optional.

But back to skincare, my mom swears by this stuff.  She told me she’s been using this lotion for 25 years (!!!), and she attributes her 56-nearly-57-year-old-wrinkle-free skin to this.  So even though I may not know what I’ll be doing a month from now, and I may not know what I’ll name my first child, at least I can be pretty sure that my fiftysomething skin will thank my twentysomething self for growing up.  at least a little.

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