Lord of the earth


If ever there was a chapter for how the earth and everything in it belongs to God and is under his care, this is it.
Far too often we hear sermons on how God has given us dominion over everything, to use (and to misuse) as we please.
But the earth was not created for us, nor do we own it. The earth was created to give God praise and glory, and when we abuse it, we are doing an injustice to God. We as stewards are supposed to help enable creation to sing God’s praises, not stifle and silence its voice.
This psalm tells how tenderly the Lord waters the earth and feeds everything from the beasts of the field to the creatures of the deep. The leviathon was created to “play” in the ocean and enjoy its depths! He cares deeply for creation, and so should we.
May God rejoice in his creation, and may we care for it in such a way that he still has something left to rejoice in.

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