He is true to his word.


Though he sent them to wander for 40 years in the desert for not trusting in his provision, he was still faithful to this new generation.  He brought them into the land filled with milk and honey, he delivered their enemies into their hands, and he allotted each of the tribes land as he had promised.

He was so faithful to them, and true to his word.

One of the best qualities you can find in a person is someone who is trustworthy, and the Lord is perfectly so.  He will bring about his plans to fruition, and his promises from ages past are still true today.

This new year I made a resolution to become a person who is true to their word.  A person who honors the commitments that I make and says what I mean.  It’s not easy, especially when you’re a people pleaser, and an introvert!  Some of my grad school friends love huge house parties.  I love a good time every once in a while, I do, but my version of good time ALSO includes small intimate gatherings over dinner.  lol  Or more than likely, coffee talk time that’s one on one.  So instead, I found it’s much easier to give hopeful “maybe’s”, because then at least they know there’s a CHANCE that I might do xyz.  It’s not true that introverts are antisocial, but it is true that big parties are exhausting and require a lot of willpower to attend and force yourself to make small talk with new people until you sidle up to your good friends and find that cozy spot in the midst of a big crowd.  But by now my good friends can distinguish my “Maaaaybeeeesbutprobablynots” from my “Maybeyeahlemmecheckmyschedule.”

I’m also a chronically late person.  10-15minutes max, but still.

I realized it’s because I’m selfish.  I never take into account parking (I simply forget that crucial part), I usually underestimate traffic (curse of an optimist), but mostly, I’ve realized, is that I inherently and subconsciously value personal time to such an extent that I’m willing to inconvenience the other person by making them wait.  It disgusts me to write it down, but it’s the truth.  Somehow I value my own time over theirs, and therefore, it’s not bad if I’m 5-10minutes late.  Regularly.

So after God revealed that fun tidbit to me, I decided that needs to change.  So I decided to try to become a person of my word.  Someone whose “yes” means “yes”, whose “no” means “no”, and someone whose “10:30am” actually MEANS I’ll be there at 10:30!

Because one of the things I absolutely love about God is that when he says something, you can count on him to do it, even thousands of years later.  He is never changing, AND he is trustworthy and true.  The promise in his word, for example, that he will bring about all things for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose in Christ Jesus gives me such hope.  That no matter the sorrow, no matter the pain, no matter the wrongs done to me or anyone on this earth, he WILL bring it about for his good if we put our trust in him.  Nothing goes wasted under his watch.

We can trust him when he says he’ll never leave us or forsake us.

We can trust him when he says he loves us.

We can trust him when he says he knows our inmost being.

We can trust him when he says he knit us together piece by piece before we were born.

We can trust him when he says his works (ourselves included) are wonderful, when all the world tells us otherwise.

We can trust him when he says that he satisfies our every longing and desire.

We can trust him when he says that though there will be trouble, we have nothing to fear, because he has overcome the world.

We can trust him when he says that he is righteous and all the heartbreaking wrongs will be accounted for.

We can trust him when he says that there will be a day when tears and sorrow will be no more.


So to read this verse this morning, it’s literally beautiful.  He’s beautiful.  Not a single WORD went void, EVERYTHING he said came to pass.  Thank you, YHWH, covenant LORD.

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His mercies are new every morning.


Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; his love endures forever!
Who can utter the mighty deeds of the Lord or declare all his praise?
But they soon forgot his works.
They forgot God, their Savior.
They mixed with the nations and learned to do as they did. They served their idols, which became a snare to them.
Thus they became unclean by their acts and played the whore in their deeds.
Nevertheless he looked upon their distress, when he heard their cry.
For their sake he remembered his covenant and relented according to the abundance of his steadfast love.
Blessed be the Lord, God of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting! And let all the people say “Amen!”
Praise the LORD!
Excerpts from Psalm 106

It’s his loving kindness that leads us to repentance, and his great grace and mercy that touches our hearts and bids us come and die. Do we exhibit this grace and mercy to others, inviting others in to know it’s source?

What about our lives demonstrates that we are any different than the world around us? Or have we become so tolerant and PC that we have adapted to and adopted the standards of our culture rather than the standards of our God? Truth in love, righteousness and mercy. He’s a God of both/and.

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Lord of the earth


If ever there was a chapter for how the earth and everything in it belongs to God and is under his care, this is it.
Far too often we hear sermons on how God has given us dominion over everything, to use (and to misuse) as we please.
But the earth was not created for us, nor do we own it. The earth was created to give God praise and glory, and when we abuse it, we are doing an injustice to God. We as stewards are supposed to help enable creation to sing God’s praises, not stifle and silence its voice.
This psalm tells how tenderly the Lord waters the earth and feeds everything from the beasts of the field to the creatures of the deep. The leviathon was created to “play” in the ocean and enjoy its depths! He cares deeply for creation, and so should we.
May God rejoice in his creation, and may we care for it in such a way that he still has something left to rejoice in.

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What’s next?


You don’t need to know what the destination is, you just need to know who’s in the driver’s seat.

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Modern Day Psalm for the Brokenhearted

{a season of depression}

Dear Lord God,

I am so tired.  I’m so exhausted and I can’t do this on my own.  I can’t keep going and I know the stress won’t end.  I know the devil’s attacks are persistent and I know he waited all this time until the closest of friends left.  None of these attacks alone are too much to bear…but all of them together is just so overwhelming.  I’ve never cried so consistently for so long and the waves are threatening to swallow me whole.

The darkness is pressing against the walls and closing in.  I’m trying to keep the walls up, God…I am.  But I’m so tired.  I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up.  

I need you, Lord.

I need you to take this from me, to stand before me and take my place because I can’t do this.  I want to persevere, God.  I want to be found faithful.  I’m so weak Lord, and I need your strength.

I don’t even known what the problem is, where this sorrow and anguish is coming from.  My heart is full of pain.

God protect me.  And heal me.

I know you’re with me, that you’re near; I don’t feel deserted, forgotten, or overlooked.  My faith is not shaken at all–I know you are holy, righteous, slow to anger but abounding in love, a God of truth, wisdom, power, and might.  The God of Abraham, Jacob, David, Solomon, the God of angel armies who upholds the world in your right hand, the God who punishes iniquities yet gives forgiveness and grace to generations.  I know you’re the God of the quaking mountains, of the raging seas, of the sound of a soft breeze.  I know you set the stars in motion and tell the sun to sleep and the moon to rise.  I know you’re the God who allows Satan to wreak havoc with mass shootings in DC and civil wars in Syria and I know there will be no peace on this earth till you come again.  I know there will only be an increase in famines, natural disasters, wars, disease, and death.  I know you will come to judge the wicked and the redeemed. 

So I ask you, Lord, to stand before me and take these burdens from me because I know you are all powerful and I know you care…or give me more of your strength to make me strong.  But reveal to me Lord, what is at the root of all of this, God.  Reveal what needs to change within me, or if this is just a time of testing. 

Let me see your glory and your hand at work in all of this, God.

Use it for your kingdom purposes.  If I have to endure this, let it be for good.  

Give me strength to face each day, that I might make disciples as I’m going, God.

Thank you, Lord, for this day.

Stay close to me, God.

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